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About Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park

Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park is a privately funded zoo and wildlife sanctuary. Our goal is to be the best boutique zoo in Australia. We strive to achieve this by making sure everyone who visits us has a unique and personal experience. Visiting Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park is a bit like visiting one of your own family, who just happens to have hundreds of pets. Breeding animals is a key concern for us. And, in that regard, our Tasmanian Devil breeding program is of vital importance. This species is endangered in the wild because of an in incurable facial tumor disease. We hope our efforts contribute to the long term future of the Tassie Devil.

The Difference

The difference between Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park and other zoos is the “Hands On Experience” you will get when you visit us. We offer more than just walking past enclosures. When you come to Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park, our awesome team of Volunteers will ensure you have a great time, every time. If you want to hold a Stimsons Python; no problem. If you don’t want to, but your 4 year old son, who knows no fear does, we can help with that too. Maybe a ferret is more to your liking. We’ll do our best to help you create wonderful memories of your visit here.

It’s Not Just Us

We’re not the only ones who rave about Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park. This place does have a profound effect on 99% of the people who come here;
Jim, Val & Betty, Warnbro, WA

“Great day out for the kids.”
Kylie, Merriden, WA

“Best zoo eva.”
Lilly, Victoria Park, WA

“Better than Perth Zoo.”
Penni, Albany, WA

“Beautiful creatures.”
Peter, Saskatoon, Canada

“Brilliant. Loved it. Fabulous.”
Ferrie Family, Scotland

“Staff really helpful.”
Jacquelyn, Suffolk, England