Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park takes education very seriously. However, we also think it should be fun. That’s why we help schools with what we call “Hands on Education”. Our goal with “hands on education” is to support teachers in the delivery of a variety of educational subjects.

These subjects might include Research Skills, Science, Animal Care, Ecosystems, Conservation, English, and even the Arts. Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park values Education, Animal Care, and Conservation. What’s more, we believe the best way to nurture these values in children is to offer them hands on, practical, and very real experiences.

This approach really motivates student learning. The experienced staff at Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park offer animal based activities that range from observation, animal care, safe animal handling, and facts about each animal and the ecosystem in which they live. If you are interested in incorporating Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park’s “hands on education” into your curriculum, we suggest you look at our Incursion and Excursion pages.