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Amazon Wish List

Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park now has an Amazon Wish List. This wish list includes a whole range of items covering food, health and medications, enrichment items (toys) and enclosure furnishings. All of these items play a significant role in allowing our Keepers to provide the highest quality of care to our animal family.

Whether you’d like to buy a toy for the dingoes, ferrets or gliders, warm blankets for our possums and bettongs or even a broom for our wombats to scratch their bottoms on, there is an item for everyone!

We would like to be able to thank every single person who gifts us an item on our list, so if you do purchase something, make sure in the ‘Add Gifts Options’ section you put your name and contact details. We will do a shout out video on our Facebook page thanking the purchaser, and we will show your item in action!

Check out our Wish List here:


These items have all been purchased by very kind members of the public!


Other Ways to Support Us

Animal Adoptions

Adopting an animal at Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park is a beautiful way to show your support for the animal and the Zoo. All Adoption Certificates are personalised according to the animal and the person adopting them.

We have over 750 animals at Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park. We recognise that a handful of our animals are much more popular than the others! So, your donation by adopting one of our animals supports the ongoing care of all our animals.

Email Keeper Celine at for more information on our Animal Adoptions!