Junior Zookeeper

Junior Zookeeper 4 A Day

Experience the life of a professional Zookeeper for a day. Learn about animal husbandry, feeding, animal handling, and captive breeding. Get up close and personal with Tasmanian Devils, Koalas, Quolls, and so much more. Junior Zookeeper 4 A Day; a unique, unforgettable, hands on experience, only at Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park.

The Junior Zookeeper 4 A Day program makes for a great gift, or school holiday treat. Book now!


“I loved being a junior zookeeper so much. I got to pat and cuddle so many different animals. I really liked helping prepare their food and then feeding them. It was such a fun day!” – Lola

“I want to be a zoo keeper when I grow up! I loved that I got to actually hold so many animals that I’ve never seen before. The [squirrel] gliders are so cute and were my favourite. It was the best day ever!!” – Robbie

“It was amazing, the best day ever. The best part was walking the dingo and holding the squirrel gliders. I wish I could do it every day.” – Zoë 

Is being a Junior Zookeeper for you?

The Junior Zookeeper 4 A Day program is suitable for wildlife enthusiasts from 8 to 16 years of age. Of course, it’s not just age that makes you suitable to be a Zookeeper. You also need to be brave, hard working, and responsible. After all, you’ll be dealing with all sorts of wild animals. Some fly, some slither, and some, if you don’t treat them with respect, might just bite. So, being a Zookeeper isn’t for the faint-hearted. But, it could just be the best experience of your life.

Participants may be placed in groups relative to their age and experience.

Zoo 4 U

For all intents and purposes, the Junior Zookeeper 4 A Day program opens up our Zoo for you. That’s right. If you’re lucky enough to get in to one of the limited places available, we’ll open doors for you that other members of the public never get to step through. Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park only accepts 5 Junior Zookeepers on each day the program is open. That means places are limited, but those who get in will experience everything the Zoo has to offer. No one misses out.

To Do At The Zoo

There’s always heaps to do at the Zoo and it’s often quite unplanned. Nature can be surprising like that. One minute you might be bottle feeding baby Rufous Bettong’s, the next you could be holding a 2.5 metre Olive Python. Regardless of what nature throws up, what we can plan for our Junior Zookeepers is an unbelievable day.

Junior Zookeepers can look forward to some hands on work with the team at Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park. That work can include animal handling, husbandry, and feeding, as well as experiencing and learning about the captive breeding of endangered species. In general, the opportunity of being a Junior Zookeeper at Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park gives children a greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for the world around us.

Getting To

It’s easy getting to Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park. We’re in Pinjarra, which is about 20km inland of Mandurah. Have a quick look at our Getting Here page for a map and details of how to find us.

Priced To Woo

The Junior Zookeeper 4 A Day program is priced to be affordable. In fact, it’s excellent value for money. Participants not only enjoy all the hands on activities involved with being a Junior Zookeeper, they also receive a cool Zookeeper 4 A Day cap, and certificate, as well as lunch on the day. All this, plus memories for a lifetime, and it’s only $119 (gst inc) per child, per day.

To make a booking, simply follow the prompts to our online store. If you have any questions or would like to check availability our friendly staff are on hand to help, simply contact us on 9531 4322. 

Summer Heat Check

Due to the dangers of extreme heat for animals and children alike, we reserve the right to postpone the Junior Zookeeper program on hot Summer days. We will contact all participants at least 24 hours before their booking to notify them of our decision. The decision to postpone will be based on a forecast of 35° celsius, and over, for the town of Pinjarra, by the Bureau of Meteorology. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but we hope you appreciate our safety concerns.

Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. All parents and guardians must sign off before participants can commence the experience.

  • Paid in full at time of booking
  • Vouchers are non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash
  • Children will be handling knives and dealing with wild animals, which may scratch or bite. Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park takes every effort to ensure the safety of your child. However, we do not accept responsibility for any injuries that may occur.
  • Children must be wearing enclosed shoes, long shorts or pants for the duration of the experience.
  • Photographs may be taken during the day for publicity purposes.
  • Participants may be placed in groups relative to their age and experience.
  • Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park Staff must be notified upon starting the program of any medical conditions, medication or allergies that your child may have.

Please book online or contact Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park for further information .
Phone: (08) 9531 4322
Fax: (08) 9531 4311
Email: red@redzzoo.com.au